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Time is Running Out!

The clock is ticking, but you can help save Louisiana’s recorded history before it is too late! The preservation work of the LDMA is financially supported by users like you!  There are several ways you can help save Louisiana’s film and television legacy:


Perhaps you are fascinated by Louisiana politics or Cajun culture, or want to see an interview with a notable Louisianan or watch a historic event as it happened, but you don’t see it here. Don’t worry, we may have it! But, unfortunately, it may not be digitized yet. That’s where you come in…

LDMA partners have tens of thousands of videotapes and film reels that still need to be digitized and catalogued. We also have thousands of film and video inventory records that are not yet accessible through the LDMA, but can be searched by our archivists. Saving this fragile media by digitizing and cataloguing it is painstaking and costly work and we cannot do it without your help.  

You or your organization can sponsor the preservation of individual videotapes or film reels and your support can help us digitize entire collections or parts of collections. Your  critical role in saving Louisiana’s history in film and video and making it publicly available will be credited in the LDMA along with the clip or collection you’ve helped save.

Support the LDMA’s Preservation Work


From time to time, LDMA archivists will be working on special projects or will post clips and ask for your help in providing additional historical information about the clips. Perhaps we are trying to identify people in the footage or locate individuals who may have witnessed a historic event or played some role in the event. Perhaps you can provide unknown insight into the event itself. Your help will be critical!  To learn how you can participate, subscribe to our feed for the newest postings on the LDMA.


The mission of the LDMA is to preserve Louisiana’s film and video history and to make it accessible to the public for educational purposes.  We also provide guidance to other historic media collections in need of support and advice. LDMA can assist with everything from records management to preservation, digitization, cataloguing and digital media storage. We can also manage sales and licensing of footage to third parties. If you or your organization has historic film reels or video tapes and you don’t know what to do with them, we can help and you can add to our growing LDMA collections. For more information about services provided by the LDMA please Contact Us.