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Gubernatorial Debates

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With Louisianans heading to the polls on October 14th for the 2023 statewide elections, the LDMA is looking back at LPB’s past gubernatorial debates.  LPB has a 44-year tradition of hosting political debates in order to inform voters before they cast their ballots about the candidates and their views on the major issues.  See how the political candidates of the past approached issues that are still being debated in Louisiana today. 



Election '79: The Governor's Race


Primary Debate (1979)

See LPB’s first gubernatorial debate moderated by Beth Courtney of LPB and Charles Zewe of WYES featuring nine candidates at two sites in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.



Edwin Edwards at 1983 gubernatorial debate


The Treen/Edwards Debates (1983)

Watch LPB’s Beth Courtney moderate two debates between Governor Dave Treen and former Governor Edwin Edwards.  You can view the second debate here.



Buddy Roemer at the 1987 gubernatorial debate


Primary Debate (1987)

View LPB’s 1987 debate between the five candidates for governor – Buddy Roemer, Billy Tauzin, Edwin Edwards, Jim Brown, and Bob Livingston.




Debate 1991 with Edwin Edwards, Robert Collins, and David Duke


The Duke/Edwards Debate (1991)

See the run-off debate between former Governor Edwin Edwards and State Representative David Duke for one of Louisiana’s most controversial gubernatorial elections.




Cleo Fields and Mike Foster - 1995 Governor's Debate


The Foster/Fields Debate (1995)

Watch LPB’s final 1995 gubernatorial debate between the two run-off candidates, State Senator Mike Foster and Congressman Cleo Fields.




Phil Preis, William Jefferson, and Tom Green at 1999 gubernatorial debate


Primary Debate (1999)

View LPB’s Decision 1999 debate between Governor Mike Foster’s opponents – attorney Phil Preis, Congressman William Jefferson, and State Senator Tom Greene.




Bobby Jindal and Kathleen Blanco - 2003 Debate


The Blanco/Jindal Debate (2003)

See LPB’s final Decision 2003 gubernatorial debate between the two run-off candidates – former DHH Secretary Bobby Jindal and Lt. Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. 



2007 Gubernatorial Debate with Bobby Jindal, John Georges, Foster Campbell and Walter Boasso


Primary Debate (2007)               

Watch LPB’s 2007 debate between the four candidates for governor – Bobby Jindal, John Georges, Foster Campbell, and Walter Boasso.




Governor's Debate - The Runoff 2015


The Edwards/Vitter Debate (2015)

View LPB’s final 2015 gubernatorial debate between the two run-off candidates – State Representative John Bel Edwards and United States Senator David Vitter.




Governor John Bel Edwards participates in 2019 LPB debate


The Edwards/Rispone Debate (2019)

See LPB’s final 2019 gubernatorial debate between the two run-off candidates – Governor John Bel Edwards and businessman Eddie Rispone.




To watch more past LPB gubernatorial debates, click here.

And be sure to join LPB on September 28, 2023, at 7PM for a 2023 gubernatorial debate.