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Louisiana’s Congressional Delegation

United States Capitol


As Louisianans prepare to go to the polls for the Midterm Elections on November 6th, the LDMA is highlighting stories from Louisiana’s Congressional Delegations of the past.  During its forty-three years on the air, LPB has provided in-depth political coverage on Louisiana’s changing influence in Washington, D.C.  Check out speeches, interviews, and panel discussions with the men and women who have represented Louisiana in Congress.


Congressman Joe D. Waggoner


Congressman Joe D. Waggoner (1978)

In this Louisiana: The State We’re In story, see highlights from a farewell banquet for Congressman Joe D. Waggoner, who represented the 4th Congressional District from 1961-1979.



Congressman Billy Tauzin


Louisiana Jaycees Meeting (1983)

In this Louisiana: The State We’re In story, see Congressmen Buddy Roemer, Billy Tauzin, and Jerry Huckaby offer their advice for running for political office at a meeting of the Louisiana Jaycees.



United States Senator Russell Long


Senator Russell Long (1984)

Watch a Louisiana Legends interview with Russell Long, who served in the United States Senate from 1948-1987.



Congressman Buddy Roemer


Louisiana at a Crossroads (1985)

In this special episode of Louisiana: The State We’re In, see members of Louisiana’s Congressional Delegation offer their solutions for the problems facing the state.


United States Senator J. Bennett Johnston


Our Nation’s Capitol with J. Bennett Johnston (1987)

See U.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston of Louisiana lead a tour of the U.S. Capitol in honor of the bicentennial of the Constitution and Congress.



Congresswoman Lindy Boggs


Congresswoman Lindy Boggs (1994)

View a Louisiana Legends interview with Lindy Boggs, the first Louisiana woman elected to Congress, who represented the 2nd Congressional District from 1979-1991.



United States Senator John Breaux


Louisiana’s Influence in Washington (2007)

In this discussion from the McLeod Lecture Series, watch former Senators J. Bennett Johnston and John Breaux discuss their time in the United States Senate.


Congressmen Jimmy Hayes and Chris John


Congressional Record (2008)

In this discussion from the McLeod Lecture Series, see former Congressmen Henson Moore, Buddy Leach, Jimmy Hayes and Chris John discuss their time in the U.S. House of Representatives.



Congressman Henson Moore


Congressman Henson Moore (2016)

Watch a Louisiana Legends interview with Henson Moore, who represented the 6th Congressional District from 1975-1987.



Rodney Alexander, John Breaux, and Billy Tauzin


CABL Annual Meeting (2017)

See former Congressmen John Breaux, Billy Tauzin, and Rodney Alexander discuss “Making Government Work in Today’s Political Climate” at the annual meeting of the Council for a Better Louisiana.




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