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New on the LDMA: WWL-TV Special Projects

WWL-TV Special Projects



The WWL-TV Special Projects are the newest videos available from the Louisiana State Archives on the LDMA.  From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, WWL-TV sent reporters around their home base in New Orleans and around the world to tell uniquely Louisiana stories.  Enjoy these wonderful documentaries, which have not been seen in decades!      





Vietnam War


Vietnam War (ca. 1965)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson visits with Louisiana and south Mississippi natives stationed in Da Nang, Saigon, and aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in the South China Sea during the Vietnam War




Hurricane Camille


Hurricane Camille (1969)

See footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Camille in New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast





Cajuns on the Queen's Sea


Cajuns on the Queen’s Sea (ca. 1970)

WWL-TV reporter Charles Zewe explores the role of Louisianans in oil exploration in the North Sea




A Matter of Time


A Matter of Time (ca. 1970)

WWL-TV reporter John Pela documents old age in Louisiana




An American in Paris - Louisiana Style


An American in Paris: Louisiana-Style (ca. 1970)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson chronicles the lives of Louisiana expatriates in Paris, France




A Legacy of Elegance


A Legacy of Elegance (ca. 1970)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson tours several of the grand houses in the French Quarter of New Orleans




Louisiana Home Grown


Louisiana Home Grown (ca. 1970)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson explores the unique products grown and made in Louisiana




China 1972


China ’72: A Hole in the Bamboo Curtain (1972)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson documents life in China in 1972




New Orleans We Love You


New Orleans, We Love You (1974)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson explores people’s love affair with everything New Orleans