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New Orleans Tricentennial

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Throughout 2018, the City of New Orleans is celebrating its 300th anniversary.  In honor of this milestone, the LDMA is showcasing stories that highlight the Crescent City’s unique history and culture throughout the month of May.  Here are a few of the historic events that have shaped this vibrant city during its first 300 years:



Ursuline Nuns Arrive in New Orleans


Arrival of the Ursuline Nuns (1727)

In this clip from LPB’s Louisiana: A History, learn more about the mission of the Ursuline Nuns in educating the girls of colonial New Orleans.


The Battle of New Orleans: A Closer Look


Battle of New Orleans (1815)

See a panel of experts discuss the significance of General Andrew Jackson’s victory over the British in this War of 1812 battle.




Touro Synagogue in New Orleans


Touro Synagogue (1828)

Take a tour of the sixth oldest synagogue in the United States in this 2010 LPB visit.  Also, learn more about the history of the Jewish community in New Orleans in this 1985 story from LPB’s Folks.



Sharon Elizabeth Sexton reporting on the 1874 Battle of Liberty Place


Battle of Liberty Place (1874)

View a 1982 report from Folks on this 1874 battle between the White League and the Metropolitan Police in New Orleans and the controversial statue that was built in 1898.  It was removed in 2017.



New Orleans Four


Integration of the Public Schools (1960)

Watch a Folks story on the New Orleans Four, Ruby Bridges, Leona Tate, Tessie Prevost and Gail Etienne, including highlights from a 1983 ceremony honoring their courage.



The Bad Spirits of Mardi Gras


The Year with No Mardi Gras (1979)

Due to the New Orleans Police Strike in 1979, there were no official Mardi Gras celebrations. See clips of the jazz funeral in the French Quarter that was held instead.



Logo for the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans


Louisiana World Exposition (1984)

See a Louisiana: The State We’re In story on the closure and financial struggles of the 1984 World’s Fair.



The National D-Day Museum Grand Opening, New Orleans


National D-Day Museum Grand Opening (2000)

Watch LPB’s coverage of the grand opening of the museum now known as the National World War II Museum.  



Hurricane Katrina Devastates New Orleans


Hurricane Katrina (2005)

View the Louisiana: The State We’re In report on the immediate aftermath of the storm that forever changed New Orleans.



Katrina, 10 Years After: A Second Life, A Second Chance


Katrina, 10 Years After: A Second Life, A Second Chance (2015)

Watch a 2015 LPB documentary exploring the resurrection of New Orleans in the ten years following Hurricane Katrina.




You can also view New Orleans stories from the Louisiana State Archives’ WWL-TV collection.

WWL-TV, Channel 4, New Orleans



See news stories from Channel 4 in New Orleans



A Legacy of Elegance


A Legacy of Elegance (ca. 1970)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson tours several of the grand houses in the French Quarter of New Orleans



New Orleans, We Love You


New Orleans, We Love You (1974)

WWL-TV reporter Phil Johnson explores people’s love affair with everything New Orleans





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