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The Environment

Lake Fausse Pointe in Louisiana


In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, the LDMA is highlighting stories on Louisiana’s environment throughout the month of April.  Louisiana is known for its natural beauty and ecological diversity, but the state faces challenges, often man-made, that threaten the future of these habitats.  From the beginning, LPB has provided in-depth coverage of environmental issues ranging from hazardous waste disposal and pollution to conservation, coastal land loss, and disasters.  Start exploring some of our best stories on the environment:        


Hazardous Waste Disposal


The Silent Disaster (1978)

Watch this special report from Louisiana: The State We’re In on hazardous waste disposal in Louisiana, including the death of teenager Kirtley Jackson at a pit in Bayou Sorrel.



Storing Nuclear Waste in Louisiana Salt Domes


Storing Nuclear Waste (1978)

View this story from Louisiana: The State We’re In on a federal study into the feasibility of storing nuclear waste in Louisiana salt domes.




Atchafalaya Basin Map


Atchafalaya Basin Battle (1979)

See a Louisiana: The State We’re In report on the federal government’s controversial proposal to take over land in the Atchafalaya Basin in order to preserve the wetlands.



Downtown Baton Rouge in 1980



Air Pollution (1980)

Watch a report from Louisiana: The State We’re In on the possible connection between air pollution and the state’s high lung cancer rate.



Mississippi River in New Orleans in 1981


Water Quality (1981)

View a Louisiana: The State We’re In report on the quality of the drinking water pulled from the Mississippi River in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes.



Acid Rain in Louisiana


Acid Rain (1982)

See a Louisiana: The State We’re In story on the discovery of acid rain in Louisiana and the plans for a monitoring program.



Saving the Swamp



Saving the Swamp (1984)

Watch a story from Louisiana: The State We’re In on Southeastern Louisiana University’s establishment of the Turtle Cove Biological Research Station at Pass Manchac.


Petrochemical Plant


The Environment (2005)

In this episode of Louisiana Public Square, see a group of Louisiana residents and a panel of experts discuss the impact of the petrochemical industry on the state’s environment.



BP Oil Spill Explosion


Crisis on the Coast (2010)

In this special episode of Louisiana Public Square from Plaquemines Parish, see a discussion on the impact of the BP Oil Spill on south Louisiana.



Turning the Tide


Turning the Tide (2011)

View an award-winning LPB documentary that explores the causes of coastal erosion in Louisiana and the proposed strategies for coastal restoration.





To see more stories, check out the complete Environment topic and our past blog posts on Nature and Coastal Land Loss.