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Spotlight on History

Women’s History Month

Throughout the month of March, the LDMA is celebrating Women’s History Month!  Witness the stories of trailblazing Louisiana women as they fight for women’s rights and make significant contributions in government and the arts. 

Women’s Rights Issues

Women Gain the Right to Vote in 1920

  • Gaining the right to vote in 1920
  • The attempted ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1977, 1979, and 1982
  • The fight to repeal the nation’s oldest Head and Master Law, which allowed a husband to make community property decisions without his wife’s consent

Women in Politics & Government

Congresswoman Lindy Boggs






Panel Discussions

McLeod Lecture Series


Women in Arts and Culture





Author Kate Chopin



Throughout the month of March, you can view these documentaries in their entirety:




To see all of these videos and more, you can view the full Women’s History topic here.