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Spirit of a Culture: Cane River Creoles (2005)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, 31.7478194, -93.3592365

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority, Bill Rodman Production Shoppe

Date Issued: 2005-04-5

Duration: 00:54:57

Subjects: Ethnicity | CREOLES | Cane River (La.) | Race | Metoyer, Claude Thomas Pierre. | Coincoin, Marie Therese, 1742-1816. | Group identity


  • Ulmer, Flo R. Producer
  • Rodman, Bill Director
  • Keim, Sybil Narrator
  • LaCour, Lair Interviewee
  • Lee, Dayna Bowker Interviewee
  • Delphin, Terrel Interviewee
  • Delphin, Daphne Interviewee
  • Colson-Fontenot, Tracey Interviewee
  • Sarpy, John Interviewee
  • Gregory, Pete Interviewee
  • Dollar, Susan Interviewee
  • Metoyer, Louis Interviewee


In this documentary from April 5, 2005, executive producer Flo R. Ulmer and director Bill Rodman trace the history and culture of the Cane River Creoles of Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. It covers: the multi-racial and multi-ethnic identity of the Cane River Creoles; the origins of the Creoles in French colonial Louisiana; the relationship between the French merchant Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer and his slave Marie Therese Coincoin; the impact of the Louisiana Purchase and the Civil War on the cultural identity of the Creoles; the forced Americanization of the Creoles during the Jim Crow era along white and black racial lines; the Great Migration of the Creoles away from Louisiana; the Creole Renaissance; and the Creole’s fight against the notion that race is the deciding feature of a population. Narrator: Dr. Sybil Keim