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Against the Tide (2000)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Action Cadienne, Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2000-03-19

Duration: 00:57:09

Subjects: Acadians | NOVA SCOTIA | Expulsion of the Acadians, 1755 | CAJUNS | Discrimination | CIVIL WAR | WORLD WAR II | Cajun music | Cajun French dialect | Council for the Development of French in Louisiana | CODOFIL | French immersion | French language


  • Miranda, Chris Editor
  • Mire, Pat Editor
  • Richard, Zachary Narrator
  • Richard, Zachary Producer
  • Ancelet, Barry Associate Producer
  • Brasseaux, Carl Associate Producer
  • Richard, C.E. Writer
  • Mire, Pat Director
  • Ancelet, Barry Interviewee
  • Maillet, Antonine Interviewee
  • Basque, Maurice Interviewee
  • Brasseaux, Carl Interviewee
  • Boucher, Neil Interviewee
  • Menard, D.L. Interviewee
  • Castille, Hadley Interviewee
  • Clifton, Debbie Interviewee
  • Bernard, Shane Interviewee
  • Lafleur, Amanda Interviewee


A 2000 documentary tracing the four hundred year history of the Cajun people of Louisiana. This program features: the settlement of the colony Acadie, in present-day Nova Scotia, by French immigrants in 1604; the development of the communities and culture of the Acadians; the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia in 1755 by the British; the dispersal of the Acadians throughout the British colonies; the arrival and settlement of the Acadians in Louisiana; the cultural changes forced on the Cajuns after the Civil War in order for them to assimilate into American life, including the outlawing of French in the public schools; the reemergence of the appreciation for the French heritage of the Cajuns after World War II, including the growth of Cajun music; and the efforts to preserve the French language and, specifically, the Cajun French dialect in Louisiana through the establishment of CODOFIL, or the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, and French immersion programs for students.