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Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority, Bush Films

Date Issued: 1987-03-20

Duration: 00:26:59

Subjects: Crawfish industry | Crawfish farming | Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival | Aquaculture | Louisiana State University Agricultural Center | Food | Cooking, Cajun


  • Bush, Charles Producer
  • Gaudet, Albert Interviewee
  • Gaudet, Gaywynn Interviewee
  • Blanchard, William Interviewee
  • de la Bretonne, Larry Interviewee
  • Avault, Jim Interviewee
  • Beiber, David Interviewee
  • Alexander, Steve Interviewee
  • Gabol, Steve Interviewee
  • Guillory, Dexter Interviewee
  • Girouard, Greg Interviewee
  • Thomas, David Interviewee
  • Odom, Bob Interviewee
  • Deville, John Interviewee
  • Pizzolato, Cliff Interviewee


This documentary from March 20, 1987, focuses on the impact of crawfish on the people of Louisiana. It covers: the history of crawfish in the state; the work of crawfishermen; the state of the crawfish industry, including the increase in crawfish ponds; the work of the LSU Cooperative Extension Service in researching crawfish in order to improve yields and harvesting efficiency; the state’s efforts in marketing crawfish around the country; the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival; the use of crawfish in Louisiana cuisine; crawfish boils; the work of crawfish processors; and the future of the crawfish industry. It includes interviews with: Albert Gaudet of the University of Southwestern Louisiana; Gaywynn Gaudet, the curator of the Lafayette Natural History Museum; Wilmer Blanchard, David Beiber, Steve Alexander, Dexter Guillory, and David Thomas, crawfishermen; Larry de la Bretonne, Jim Avault, and Steve Gabol of the LSU Cooperative Extension Service; Greg Girouard, naturalist; Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Odom; John Deville, the chef at Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans; and Cliff Pizzolato, a crawfish cook.