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Creation Science: Day of Judgement (1982)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1982-07-23

Duration: 00:26:03

Subjects: Education | Science | Religion | Evolution | CREATIONISM


  • Wallace, Pat Narrator
  • Smith, Rick Producer
  • Geltner, Naomi Producer
  • Keith, Bill Interviewee
  • Jenkins, Woody Interviewee
  • Nelson, Sydney Interviewee
  • Bares, Allen Interviewee
  • Bliss, Richard Interviewee
  • Brown, Helen Interviewee
  • Wells, Barbara Interviewee
  • Pruett, Gerald Interviewee
  • Richardson, Miles Interviewee
  • Boudreaux, Edward Interviewee
  • Gentry, Robert Interviewee
  • Stovall, James Interviewee
  • Sullivan, John Interviewee
  • Hicks, Donald Ned Interviewee
  • Palmer, Vernon Interviewee
  • Magee, Ellis Interviewee
  • Clark, Steve Interviewee
  • Kegel, Martha Interviewee
  • Guste, William Interviewee
  • Digiulio, John Interviewee


This documentary from July 23, 1982, focuses on the legal challenges to the 1981 Louisiana law requiring the teaching of creation science in equal time with the theory of evolution in public schools. This report touches on a federal court striking down a similar law in Arkansas. It includes interviews with: State Senator Bill Keith; State Representative Woody Jenkins; State Senator Sydney Nelson; State Senator Allen Bares; Richard Bliss, the director of the Institute for Creation Research; Dr. Helen Brown of the Louisiana Department of Education; Barbara Wells of the Orleans Parish Public Schools; Gerald Pruett of the Bossier Parish Public Schools; Dr. Miles Richardson, an anthropologist at LSU; Dr. Edward Boudreaux, an associate professor of chemistry at UNO; Robert Gentry, geologist; Reverend James Stovall of the Louisiana Interfaith Conference; Reverend John Sullivan, Baptist minister; Reverend Donald Ned Hicks; Vernon Palmer, Tulane Law professor; Ellis Magee, assistant attorney general; Steve Clark, Arkansas attorney general; Martha Kegel, Louisiana ACLU; William Guste, Louisiana attorney general; and John Digiulio, attorney. Narrator: Pat Wallace