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Force of Floods




Genre: Educational

Place Covered: Vicksburg, Mississippi, Valmeyer, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Walnut Creek, California

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2002-09-18

Duration: 00:18:59

Subjects: Natural Disasters | FLOOD OF 1927 | United States. Army. Corps of Engineers | National Flood Insurance Program (U.S.) | Educational films | Science | Environment | FLOODS


  • Grandy, Greg Host
  • Gautreaux, Kevin Producer
  • Azene, Hendekea Speaker
  • Aguilar, Priscilla Speaker
  • Bergeron, Beau Speaker
  • Banks, Larry Interviewee
  • Knobloch, Dennis Interviewee
  • Kendall, Sara Interviewee
  • Brown, Laurie Interviewee
  • Herrera, Diana Interviewee
  • Steinhoff, Dan Interviewee
  • Segal, Gary Interviewee


In this episode of the series “Enviro-Tacklebox” from September 18, 2002, host Greg Grandy and the student reporters explore the impact of floods on communities and ecosystems. Grandy first highlights three historic floods: the 1889 flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania; the pre-historic Missoula floods; and the 1927 Mississippi River flood. He then visits and interviews: Larry Banks of the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi, who discusses the Corps’ role in building and maintaining levee systems for flood control; former Mayor Dennis Knobloch and residents Sara Kendall and Laurie Brown of Valmeyer, Illinois, who discuss the impact of the 1993 Mississippi River flood and the subsequent relocation of their town; Diana Herrera of the National Flood Insurance Program in Houston, Texas, who discusses FEMA’s role in flood mitigation; and Dan Steinhoff of the Swift Water Rescue Team and Gary Segal, the owner of Western Trail Ride Adventures in Walnut Creek, California, who discuss the rescue of one of Segal’s horses during a flash flood.