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Black Businesses in Louisiana (1986)




Genre: Newsmagazine

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1986-11-2

Duration: 00:21:41

Subjects: African American business enterprises | Economy


  • Masingale, Sonya Host
  • Charlot, Henry Interviewee
  • Turner, Karl Interviewee
  • Subira, George Interviewee
  • Slaughter, James, Jr. Interviewee
  • Nesbitt, Robin Interviewee
  • Wicks, Ronald Interviewee
  • Cain, Tommy Interviewee
  • Birkett, Warren Interviewee
  • Dorsey, Joseph Interviewee


This segment from the November 2, 1986, episode of the series “Folks” features Sonya Masingale’s report on the struggling black businesses in Louisiana. First, she interviews Henry Charlot and Karl Turner of Xavier University, who discuss their findings from a recent study about the lack of economic impact made by black businesses in the New Orleans area. Next, Masingale interviews George Subira, the author of “Black Folks’ Guide to Making Big Money in America.” He discusses the attitudes that hold back black businesses and their weaknesses in the areas of marketing and promotion. Masingale also interviews the owners from two black businesses in Baton Rouge, James Slaughter, Jr., Robin Nesbitt, and Ronald Wicks of North American Mortgage Corporation and Tommy Cain, the owner of Cain and Associates. Lastly, Masingale conducts an in-studio interview with Warren Birkett of Wybirk and Associates and Joseph Dorsey of D &G Diversified Financial Services. They discuss: the role of small businesses in creating new jobs in the current economy; African Americans moving into non-traditional businesses; the lack of support in the black community for black businesses; the findings of the Xavier study; the need for venture capital to start black businesses; and the government’s responsibility in supporting black business owners.