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2011 Competition

Great American Seafood Cookoff



Genre: Cooking

Place Covered: New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority, Louisiana Seafood and Marketing Board

Date Issued: 2011-12-20

Duration: 00:26:11

Subjects: Cooking (Seafood) | Chefs | Food | CONTESTS


  • Blackwell, Jeff Narrator
  • Allen, Gary Producer
  • Fourrier, Clay Producer
  • Gautreaux, Kevin Producer
  • Barnes, Liz Producer
  • Moonen, Rick Interviewee
  • Rourk, Corbett Interviewee
  • McLellan, Margaret Salt Interviewee
  • Johnson, Heath Interviewee
  • Max, Dean Speaker
  • Folse, John Interviewee
  • Minas, John Interviewee
  • Shepherd, Chris Interviewee
  • Smith, Jim Interviewee
  • Bahr, Cory Interviewee
  • Anderson, Scott Interviewee
  • Gruninger, Bud Interviewee
  • Ashby, Jeremy Interviewee
  • Volle, Gregory Interviewee
  • Fischer, Ed Interviewee
  • Jones, Lolo Interviewee
  • Williams, Lauryn Interviewee
  • McIntosh, Laura Interviewee
  • Roberts, Kevin Speaker
  • Schaeffer, Roland Interviewee
  • Slater, Erik Interviewee
  • Kanmaz, Erol Interviewee
  • Blunt, Will Interviewee


This episode of the “Great American Seafood Cookoff” features highlights from the 2011 competition held at the Louisiana Foodservice Expo in New Orleans. Fourteen chefs from around the country compete to create the best seafood dish using the seafood indigenous to their states. The competitors are: Chef Heath Johnson of Mississippi; Chef John Minas of Florida; Chef Chris Shepherd of Texas; Chef Jim Smith of Alabama; Chef Cory Bahr of Louisiana; Chef Corbett Rourk of South Carolina; Chef Scott Anderson of New Jersey; Chef Bud Gruninger of North Carolina; Chef Margaret McLellan of Maine; Chef Jeremy Ashby of Kentucky; Chef Greg Volle of Illinois; Chef Ed Fischer of West Virginia; Chef Erik Slater of Alaska; and Chef Erol Kanmaz of Oregon. This episode also includes interviews with: Chef Rick Moonen, judge; Chef John Folse, emcee; Lolo Jones, Olympian; Lauryn Williams, Olympian; Laura McIntosh, judge; Chef Roland Schaeffer, judge; and Will Blunt, judge. It also includes interviews with the chefs describing their dishes. Chef Jim Smith of Alabama is named the winner of the competition and crowned the “King of American Seafood.”