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Katrina's Smallest Victims (2006)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2006-08-30

Duration: 00:55:44

Subjects: Hurricanes | Hurricane Katrina, 2005 | Hurricane Rita, 2005 | Woman's Hospital (Baton Rouge, La.) | Health Care | Hospitals | PHYSICIANS | NURSES | Newborn infants | Pregnant women | New mothers | Disaster response and recovery | Disaster victims | Child disaster victims | Emergency management


  • Elliot, Lewis Narrator
  • Kendrick, Dorothy Producer
  • Fontenot, Jodie Photographer
  • Crews, Keith Photographer
  • Fortenberry, Rex Q. Photographer
  • Ellisor, Jackson Photographer
  • Kendrick, Dorothy Writer
  • White-Dupree, Kemba Interviewee
  • Isbell, Josh Interviewee
  • Isbell, Erica Interviewee
  • Fontenot, Teri Interviewee
  • Berthelot, Diane Interviewee
  • Shelton, Stan Interviewee
  • Schexnayder, Jill Interviewee
  • Hilton, Shuvante Interviewee
  • Thomas, Larry Interviewee
  • Gibson, Gail Interviewee
  • Adolph, Vincent Interviewee
  • Barkemeyer, Brian Interviewee
  • Haeuser, Jamie Interviewee
  • Spedale, Steven Interviewee
  • Eaton, Susan Interviewee
  • Castille, Brandi Interviewee
  • Crosby, Randall Interviewee
  • Antone, Donny Interviewee
  • Traylor, Susan Interviewee
  • Johnson, Tricia Interviewee
  • Sullivan, Staci Interviewee
  • Vidrine, Dana Interviewee
  • Aycock, Charles Interviewee
  • Kennedy, Tom Interviewee
  • Benanti, Jan Interviewee
  • Brown, Kenneth Interviewee
  • Page, Burn Interviewee
  • DeMoss, Orlando Interviewee
  • Ricks, Margie Interviewee
  • Cornelius, Samantha Interviewee


A 2006 documentary chronicling the heroic efforts made by the staff at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge in caring for the expectant mothers and fragile babies from twelve New Orleans-area hospitals in the days following Hurricane Katrina. Through interviews with doctors, nurses, and patients, this documentary covers: the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the hospitals in New Orleans; the decision made by Woman’s Hospital to coordinate the evacuation of the expectant mothers and sick babies from New Orleans the day after Hurricane Katrina made landfall; the difficult transport process; caring for the influx of new patients; providing emotional support to the new mothers and reuniting families that had been separated during the evacuation of New Orleans; working with local churches to provide shelters for the new mothers and their babies when they were released from the hospital; the evacuation of University Hospital and Charity Hospital four days after the storm; taking on more evacuees prior to Hurricane Rita; and the lessons learned that can help in planning for future disasters. Narrator: Jackson Ellison