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Louisiana: 200 Years of Statehood (2012)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2012-08-13

Duration: 00:55:22

Subjects: History | Military | Politics | Arts | Economy | Environment


  • Connick, Harry, Jr. Narrator
  • Laudun, Tika Producer
  • Godoy, Al Producer
  • Crews, Keith Associate Producer
  • Richard, C.E. Writer
  • Esneault, Mike Composer
  • Dardenne, Jay Speaker
  • Powell, Lawrence N. Interviewee
  • Brinkley, Douglas Interviewee
  • Webster, Cidney Interviewee
  • Joiner, Gary D. Interviewee
  • Cassimere, Raphael, Jr. Interviewee
  • Ambrose, Stephen Interviewee
  • Thibodeaux, Jacques Interviewee
  • Boggs, Lindy Interviewee
  • Mann, Robert Interviewee
  • Bussie, Victor Interviewee
  • Berry, Jason Interviewee
  • Simpkins, C.O. Interviewee
  • Hall, Ruby Bridges Interviewee
  • Triche, Risley "Pappy" Interviewee
  • Kimball, Kitty Interviewee
  • Spitzer, Nick Interviewee
  • White, Michael Interviewee
  • Doucet, Michael Interviewee
  • Burke, James Lee Interviewee
  • Wilcox, James Interviewee
  • Ogden, Roger Interviewee
  • Folse, John Interviewee
  • Jones, Bert Interviewee
  • Angelle, Scott Interviewee
  • Templet, Paul Interviewee
  • Subra, Wilma Interviewee
  • Ryan, Donna Interviewee
  • Heymsfield, Steven Interviewee
  • Stelly, Chris Interviewee
  • Mulhearn, Patrick Interviewee
  • Joyce, William Interviewee
  • Poret, Ory Interviewee
  • Coco, Quinn Interviewee
  • St. Pe. Kerry Interviewee
  • Overton, Ed Interviewee


This documentary from August 13, 2012, focuses on the major events from Louisiana’s first 200 years of statehood. It covers six themes: statehood; military and defense; politics; arts and culture; commerce and industry; and disaster and recovery. It touches on: the Battle of New Orleans; the Civil War; the state’s contributions during World War II, including the Louisiana Maneuvers and the building of the Higgins Boats; Plessy v. Ferguson; the political careers of Huey Long, Earl Long, and Edwin Edwards; civil rights, including school integration; the state’s diverse cultural heritage; Louisiana’s contributions to music, literature, the visual arts, and cuisine; the importance of sports and hunting to the state’s culture; the state’s major industries, including agriculture and the oil and gas industries; the growth of the film industry; the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927; the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; the coastal land loss crisis; and the BP Oil Spill. It includes interviews with: Lawrence N. Powell, historian; Douglas Brinkley, historian; Cidney Webster, National Park Service Ranger at the Chalmette Battlefield; Gary Joiner, historian; Raphael Cassimere, Jr., historian; Stephen Ambrose, historian; Colonel Jacques Thibodeaux of the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Louisiana National Guard; former Congresswoman Lindy Boggs; Robert Mann, author; Victor Bussie, former president of the Louisiana AFL-CIO; Jason Berry, author; C.O. Simpkins, former state legislator; Ruby Bridges Hall, one of four African American girls who integrated the New Orleans Public Schools; Risley “Pappy” Triche, former state legislator; Chief Justice Kitty Kimball of the Louisiana Supreme Court; Nick Spitzer, folklorist and host of “American Routes”; Michael White, jazz musician and historian; Michael Doucet, Cajun musician; James Lee Burke, author; James Wilcox, author; Roger Ogden, founder of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art; Chef John Folse; Bert Jones, former LSU quarterback; Scott Angelle, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources; Paul Templet, former secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality; Wilma Subra, environmental scientist; Dr. Donna Ryan, former clinical researcher at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Dr. Steven Heymsfield, executive director at PBRC; Chris Stelly, director of Film and Television with the Louisiana Department of Economic Development; Patrick Mulhearn, president of Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association; William Joyce of Moonbot Studios; Ory Poret, 1927 flood survivor; Quinn Coco, 1927 flood survivor; Kerry St. Pe, director of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program; and Ed Overton, professor emeritus of the LSU Department of Environmental Sciences. Narrator: Harry Connick, Jr.