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Forever LSU (2010)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority, Louisiana State University

Date Issued: 2010-03-10

Duration: 00:53:02

Subjects: Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.) | History | HIGHER EDUCATION | Military | College sports


  • Laudun, Tika Director
  • Dodd, Ed Producer
  • Laudun, Tika Producer
  • Barry, Lane Associate Producer
  • Barry, Lane Writer
  • Richard, C.E., Jr. Writer
  • Goforth, Katherine Narrator
  • Esneault, Mike Composer
  • Hoffman, Paul Interviewee
  • Gay, John Interviewee
  • Durant, Thomas Interviewee
  • Lindsey, Laura Interviewee
  • Vincent, Herb Interviewee
  • Moreau, Doug Interviewee
  • Cox, Van Interviewee
  • Desmond, Michael Interviewee
  • Suarez, David Interviewee
  • Wharton, James Interviewee
  • Snappe, Nina Carrazo Interviewee
  • Arbour, Sidney Interviewee
  • Dietzel, Paul Interviewee
  • Higgins, Megan O'Hara Interviewee
  • Prenshaw, Peggy Interviewee
  • Oropesa, Lisette Interviewee
  • Eaton, Mary Frey Interviewee
  • Cook, Lod Interviewee
  • Conrad, A. Interviewee
  • Tureaud, A.P., Jr. Interviewee
  • Conti, Bill Interviewee
  • Abell, Elaine Durbin Interviewee
  • Broussard, Jinx Interviewee
  • Chandler, Cassandra Interviewee
  • Gurie, Randy Interviewee
  • Murrill, Paul Interviewee
  • Mainieri, Paul Interviewee
  • Bertman, Skip Interviewee
  • Arthur, Larry Interviewee
  • Martin, Michael Interviewee


This documentary from March 10, 2010, traces the 150-year history of Louisiana State University. It covers: the founding of the school in Pineville in 1860; the school’s move to downtown Baton Rouge after the Civil War; the start of the football team; the first female students; LSU’s move to the current campus; the architecture of the campus; the school’s military history; Governor Huey Long’s impact on the university, including the growth of the band; Steele Burden’s contributions to LSU’s landscape architecture; the Mike the Tiger mascot; the Southern Review; the enrollment drop during World War II; the desegregation of LSU; the decision to make ROTC voluntary in 1969; LSU’s designation as a Sea Grant institution; the growth of research; the success of the baseball, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball teams; and LSU’s flagship agenda. It includes interviews with: Paul Hoffman, LSU professor of history; John Gay, Class of 1976; Thomas Durant, professor emeritus; Laura Lindsey, professor emerita; Herb Vincent, LSU Senior Association Athletic Director; Doug Moreau, Class of 1966; Van Cox, LSU professor of landscape architecture; Michael Desmond, LSU associate professor of architecture; David Suarez, Class of 1978; James Wharton, LSU Chancellor, 1981-1989; Nina Carrazo Snappe, granddaughter of Castro Carrazo; Sidney Arbour, Class of 1934; Paul Dietzel, former LSU football coach and athletic director; Megan O’Hara Higgins, Class of 2006; Peggy Prenshaw, professor emerita; Lisette Oropesa, Class of 2005; Mary Frey Eaton, Class of 1947; Lod Cook, Class of 1950 & 1955; Major General A. Conrad, Class of 1952; A.P. Tureaud, Jr., first African American undergraduate student; Bill Conti, Class of 1963; Elaine Durbin Abell, first female student government president; Jinx Broussard, Class of 1971; Cassandra Chandler, Class of 1979; Randy Gurie, student government president, 1968-1969; Paul Murrill, LSU Chancellor, 1974-1981; Paul Mainieri, LSU baseball coach; Skip Bertman, former LSU baseball coach; Dr. Larry Arthur, Class of 1970; and Michael Martin, LSU chancellor. Narrator: Katherine Goforth