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Illiteracy in Louisiana: Between the Lines (1986)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1986-09-19

Duration: 00:28:31

Subjects: Literacy | Education | Reading | Economy


  • Myers, Laura Host
  • Nachman, Karen Host
  • Jackson, Jim Interviewee
  • Randle, Zelma Interviewee
  • Abreu, Jackie Interviewee
  • Epling, Carrell Interviewee
  • Gatlin, Madora Interviewee
  • Dotson-Handy, Hattie Interviewee
  • Gossett, Glenn Interviewee
  • Haigler, Karl Interviewee
  • Washington, Wilfred Interviewee
  • Lundy, George Interviewee
  • Wellar, Mae Interviewee
  • Moe, Alden Interviewee
  • Early, Mike Interviewee
  • Thompson, Francis Interviewee
  • Guidry, Alton Interviewee
  • MacMurdo, Alice Interviewee
  • Steimel, Ed Interviewee
  • Banks, Synn Claire Interviewee
  • Schad, Ted Interviewee
  • Brown, Temple Interviewee
  • Wilson, Willis Interviewee
  • Miller, Joe Interviewee
  • Little, Bill Interviewee
  • Sands, Shirley Interviewee
  • Corkern, Judy Interviewee
  • Menard, Miriam Interviewee
  • Nason, Francine Interviewee
  • Reed, Lila May Interviewee
  • Laubach, Robert Interviewee


This program from September 19, 1986, features Laura Myers and Karen Nachman reporting on Louisiana’s 16% illiteracy rate, the highest illiteracy rate in the country. This local program followed a national broadcast on the issue. Their report touches on: the causes of illiteracy, including poverty; the cycles of illiteracy; the economic impact of illiteracy; and the adult literacy programs around the state. They interview: Jim Jackson, literacy student; Zelma Randle, literacy student; Jackie Abreu, Operation Mainstream; Carrell Epling, educator; Madora Gatlin, literacy student; Hattie Dotson-Handy, Operation Upgrade; Glenn Gossett, Louisiana Department of Education; Karl Haigler, United States Department of Education; Wilfred Washington, literacy student; Father George Lundy, Loyola University; Mae Wellar, literacy student; Dr. Alden Moe, LSU; Mike Early, New Orleans City Council; State Representative Francis Thompson; Alton Guidry, literacy student; Sister Alice MacMurdo, plantation education program; Ed Steimel, business leader; Synn Claire Banks, Popeye’s; Ted Schad, Lou Ana Foods; Temple Brown, Brown’s Velvet Dairy; Willis Wilson, inmate; Dr. Joe Miller, Charity Hospital; Bill Little, business leader; Shirley Sands, tutor; Judy Corkern, Human Resources Development Institute; Miriam Menard, tutor; Sister Francine Nason, plantation education program; Lila May Reed, Oaklawn Plantation; and Dr. Robert Laubach, Laubach Literacy International.