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Best of Louisiana Public Square (2006)

Louisiana Public Square



Genre: Panel

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2006-12-13

Duration: 00:58:35

Subjects: Industry | Religion | Hurricane Rita, 2005 | Renewable energy | Culture and tourism | Film Industry | Legal Issues | IMMIGRATION


  • Courtney, Beth Host
  • Freeman, Craig Host
  • Godoy, Al Producer
  • Gautreaux, Kevin Producer
  • Maestri, William Interviewee
  • Cook, Joe Interviewee
  • Miles, Tonja Interviewee
  • Zewe, Charles Panelist
  • Crump, Steve Panelist
  • Mills, Gene Panelist
  • Brun, Judith Panelist
  • Blumberg, Kent Interviewee
  • Toney, Keith Interviewee
  • Dismukes, David Interviewee
  • Copesky, Jeff Interviewee
  • Daniel, William Interviewee
  • Baumann, Robert Interviewee
  • Templet, Paul Panelist
  • Scoll, Loren Panelist
  • Romero, Craig Panelist
  • Codresen, Andrei Interviewee
  • Mouton, Todd Interviewee
  • Schott, Alex Interviewee
  • O'Connor, Brendan Interviewee
  • Barrasso, Carl Interviewee
  • Ancelet, Barry Jean Panelist
  • Atchinson, Pam Panelist
  • Smith, Mark Panelist
  • Breaux, Pam Panelist
  • Duhon, Theos Interviewee
  • Boustany, Charles, Jr. Interviewee
  • Roach, Randy Interviewee
  • Calthorpe, Peter Interviewee
  • Sachs, Andrew Interviewee
  • Douglas, Karen Interviewee
  • Beam, Bryan Interviewee
  • Mount, Willie Panelist
  • Fontenot, Hadley Ward Panelist
  • Fussel, Elizabeth Interviewee
  • Gutierrez, Martin Interviewee
  • Letten, Jim Interviewee
  • Poche, Rhonda Interviewee
  • Vitter, David Interviewee
  • Cravins, Donald Interviewee
  • LaFonta, Juan Interviewee
  • Flynn, Jeri Panelist
  • Holt, Sibal Performer
  • Gonzales, Jesus Panelist


This episode of the series “Louisiana Public Square” from December 13, 2006, features a look back at some of the show’s memorable moments from the 2006 season. The topics include: a discussion on religion and politics (“Religion in Government”); the impact of rising energy costs (“Win or Lose: Louisiana and the High Cost of Energy”); cultural development within Louisiana’s economy (“The Business of Culture: Louisiana's Cultural Economy”); a spotlight on Hurricane Rita and the recovery efforts in Southwest Louisiana (“Hurricane Rita: The Forgotten Storm”), and the effects of immigration in Louisiana (“New Arrivals: Immigration and the Bayou State.”) This program was preserved through a 2022-2023 Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship. Hosts: Beth Courtney and Craig Freeman