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Church & The Bayou State: Religion in Louisiana (2010)

Louisiana Public Square



Genre: Public Affairs, Panel

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2010-05-26

Duration: 00:56:49

Subjects: Filmed panel discussions | Religion | Government | Prayer in the public schools | Sex Education | CREATIONISM | Evolution | Education | Ethics | Morality


  • Courtney, Beth Host
  • Freeman, Craig Host
  • Gautreaux, Kevin Producer
  • Godoy, Al Producer
  • Sanford, Shauna Narrator
  • Sandoz, Ellis Interviewee
  • Forrest, Barbara Interviewee
  • Perkins, Tony Interviewee
  • Husser, Louis Interviewee
  • Tasman, Rob Interviewee
  • Woodland, Phil Interviewee
  • O'Laughlin, Troy Speaker
  • Amoroso, Buddy Speaker
  • Kebanli, Julia Speaker
  • Matherne, Hannah Speaker
  • Johnson, James Speaker
  • Broussard, Alex Speaker
  • Parekh, Kalpana Speaker
  • Johnson, Tony Speaker
  • Brody, Guy Speaker
  • Dye, Benjamin Speaker
  • Blackburn, Norvel Speaker
  • Martin, Mallory Speaker
  • Morgan, George Speaker
  • Cyrus, Leo Panelist
  • Jarrell, Michael Panelist
  • Gaddy, Welton Panelist
  • Ward, Ken Panelist


This episode of the series “Louisiana Public Square” from May 26, 2010, features Craig Freeman leading a discussion between the audience members and panelists on the role of religion in public life in Louisiana. A background report on the topic precedes the discussion. The audience members discuss: the relationship between church and state; the principles of the Founding Fathers; prayer in public schools; teaching sex education in schools; teaching creationism and the theory of evolution in schools; and whether it is harmful to have God in society. A panel of experts then joins the audience to answer their questions. The panelists are: Reverend Leo Cyrus, the pastor at the Second Baptist Church and New Hope Baptist Church in Baton Rouge; Bishop Michael Jarrell of the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette; Reverend Welton Gaddy of Monroe, the president of the Washington, D.C.- based Interfaith Alliance; and Ken Ward, the executive director of the Louisiana Moral and Civic Foundation. They discuss: the role of religion in the political process; teaching sex education in schools; society’s tolerance of alternative lifestyles; teaching creationism and the theory of evolution in schools; ethics and morality; prayer in public schools; and the importance of having respect for other people’s beliefs. Hosts: Beth Courtney and Craig Freeman