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Surviving the Storm (2007)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority, Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Date Issued: 2007-06-7

Duration: 00:56:18

Subjects: Hurricanes | Hurricane Katrina, 2005 | Ochsner Medical Center (New Orleans, La,) | Health Care | Hospitals | PHYSICIANS | NURSES | Disaster response and recovery | Emergency management


  • Goodman, John Narrator
  • Kendrick, Dorothy Producer
  • Ellisor, Jackson Photographer
  • Fortenberry, Rex Q. Photographer
  • Kendrick, Dorothy Writer
  • Quinlan, Patrick Interviewee
  • Walker, Grant Interviewee
  • Moodie, Douglas Interviewee
  • Khayal, Saba Interviewee
  • Reif, Holly Interviewee
  • Poche, Renard Interviewee
  • O'Connor, Chris Interviewee
  • Lanson, Linda Interviewee
  • Gilligan, Morris Interviewee
  • Landry, Amy Interviewee
  • Usey, Kerry Interviewee
  • Flangan, Tom Interviewee
  • Davis, Nancy Speaker
  • Thomas, Warner Speaker
  • Ventura, Hector Interviewee
  • Sloan, Brandt Interviewee
  • Bullock, Karen Interviewee
  • Offner, Amanda Interviewee
  • Cohen, Andrew Speaker
  • Van Meter, Cliff Interviewee
  • Constant, Carol Interviewee
  • Krause, Jason Interviewee
  • Otto, Stephanie Interviewee
  • Henderson, Gregory Interviewee
  • Lee, David Interviewee
  • Martin, Hendrick Interviewee
  • Rodriguez, Susan Interviewee
  • Graci, Stephanie Interviewee
  • Holliday, Michael Interviewee
  • Guarisco, Joe Interviewee
  • Guthrie, Richard Interviewee
  • Stahl, Paul, III Interviewee
  • Philips, Joe Interviewee
  • Corenswet, Avery Speaker
  • Schaubhut, Rose Speaker
  • Deitelzweig, Steven Interviewee
  • Sylvester, Donald Interviewee
  • McGehee, Brittany Interviewee
  • Hilton, Shuvante Interviewee
  • Delacroix, Scott Interviewee
  • Posecai, Scott Interviewee
  • Lupo, Jackie Interviewee
  • Taylor, Roger Speaker
  • Shiffman, Shirley Interviewee
  • Winters, Chris Interviewee
  • Hartmann, Sylvia Interviewee
  • DeClouet, Bernadette Interviewee
  • Mangiapane, Frank Interviewee


A 2007 documentary chronicling the survival of Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans in the week following Hurricane Katrina. For several days after the storm, it was the only hospital able to accept new patients. Through footage of staff meetings and interviews with doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and patients, this documentary provides a day-by-day account of the activity in the hospital from Friday, August 26, 2005 (three days before the storm) through Friday, September 2, 2005 (four days after the storm). This documentary covers: the hospital’s preparations for the storm; the damage sustained by the hospital during Hurricane Katrina; the continuation of the hospital’s services despite the loss of the water system and air conditioning; the evacuation of the hospital’s most critical patients; the hospital taking in new patients; the staff members’ dealing with the uncertainty over the whereabouts of their families and the state of their homes; their help in providing medical care to evacuees at the Causeway Boulevard underpass at I-10; the return of their water and air conditioning systems; and their lessons learned from the storm. Narrator: John Goodman