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Legislative Report – May 5, 1986

Louisiana: The State We're In



Genre: Newsmagazine

Place Covered: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1986-05-05

Duration: 00:27:49

Subjects: Politics | Government | Louisiana. Legislature | Louisiana Legislative Session, 1986 | STATE BUDGET | TRIALS | Edwards, Edwin W. | Education


  • Johnson, Ken Host
  • Nachman, Karen Reporter
  • Myers, Laura Reporter
  • Landrieu, Mary Interviewee
  • Nunez, Sammy Speaker
  • Alario, John Speaker
  • Skelton, Fred Speaker
  • Copeland, Al Speaker
  • Shane, Henry Speaker
  • Bradley, Allen Interviewee
  • Edwards, Edwin Speaker
  • Burbank, Tom Interviewee
  • Bella, V.J. Interviewee
  • Donelon, Jim Interviewee
  • Cusimano, Charles Interviewee
  • Volz, John Speaker
  • Gravel, Camille Speaker
  • Barnes, Marilyn Speaker


This episode of the series “Louisiana: The State We’re In” from May 5, 1986, features Ken Johnson hosting a daily legislative report on the 1986 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. Johnson first reports on the day’s headlines. These stories include: an interview with State Representative Mary Landrieu on the House Appropriations Committee’s ongoing state budget hearings; Senate President Sammy Nunez discussing his belief that the Legislature will deliver a balanced budget; and Speaker of the House John Alario discussing the cuts to the budget for the House of Representatives. Next, Karen Nachman reports on the results of a teacher opinion survey on the biggest challenges facing the state’s public education system. Her report includes highlights of Fred Skelton, the president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, announcing the survey results. Johnson then reports on the committee hearings for a bill exempting seasonal or holiday displays from the state’s nuisance law. His report includes testimony by Al Copeland of Popeyes and Henry Shane, as well as an interview with State Representative Allen Bradley, the bill’s sponsor. Next, Laura Myers reports on Governor Edwin Edwards announcing his support for a bill allowing the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA) to issue bonds in order to pay the interest owed to the federal government for the unemployment compensation fund. Johnson then reports on the bills under consideration in the House Ways and Means Committee, including a bill giving the State Treasurer more authority to invest the 8g settlement money and a bill authorizing the State Bond Commission to issue tax anticipation notes if the state runs out of money. His report includes interviews with Tom Burbank of the State Bond Commission and State Representative V.J. Bella. Next, Johnson conducts an in-studio interview with State Representatives Jim Donelon and Charles Cusimano. They discuss: the likelihood that the Legislature will balance the state budget; the budget cuts under consideration; and the possibility that the session will end early. Lastly, Laura Myers reports on the latest news from the seventh week of the retrial of Governor Edwin Edwards and four other defendants in New Orleans on fraud and racketeering charges related to the permitting process for building new hospitals and nursing homes. Her report focuses on the judge denying Governor Edwards’ request to present the defense’s closing arguments. Her report includes highlights from the press conferences on the courthouse steps with Governor Edwards, United States Attorney John Volz, defense attorney Camille Gravel, and prosecutor Marilyn Barnes.