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Legislative Report – May 13, 1986

Louisiana: The State We're In



Genre: Newsmagazine

Place Covered: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1986-05-13

Duration: 00:26:28

Subjects: Politics | Government | Louisiana. Legislature | Louisiana Legislative Session, 1986 | Liability (Law) | Gambling


  • Johnson, Ken Host
  • Nachman, Karen Reporter
  • Myers, Laura Reporter
  • Bussie, Fran Interviewee
  • Bares, Allen Interviewee
  • Dickey, Richard Speaker
  • Wheeler, Katherine Speaker
  • Wild, Fred Interviewee
  • Casey, Tom Interviewee
  • Donelon, Jim Interviewee
  • Rayburn, B.B. "Sixty" Interviewee
  • Barthelemy, Sidney Speaker
  • Bagert, Ben Speaker
  • Nicholson, Elwyn Speaker
  • Ward, Ken Speaker
  • Kabacoff, Pres Speaker
  • Casey, Tom Speaker
  • Flory, Gordon Speaker
  • Steimel, Ed Interviewee
  • Lanneau, Keith Speaker
  • Forgotston, C.B. Interviewee
  • Funk, Jim Interviewee
  • Scott, Jock Interviewee


This episode of the series “Louisiana: The State We’re In” from May 13, 1986, features Ken Johnson hosting a daily legislative report on the 1986 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. Johnson first reports on the day’s headlines, including interviews with Fran Bussie and State Senator Allen Bares on a bill limiting liability for hazardous waste clean-up. Next, Karen Nachman reports on two bills under consideration in the Senate Judiciary A Committee, a bill providing rights to embryos created for in vitro fertilization and a bill requiring doctors who perform abortions to report the reason for the abortion. Her report includes testimony by Dr. Richard Dickey of the New Orleans Fertility Institute and Katherine Wheeler of the National Organization for Women. It also includes interviews with Fred Wild of New Orleans Right to Life and State Senator Tom Casey. Johnson then reports on more of the day’s headlines, including: an interview with State Representative Jim Donelon on the defeat of his bill raising the minimum driving age; the House Appropriations Committee requiring Superintendent of Education Tom Clausen to provide a list of 110 positions that can be cut from the Department of Education; and an interview with State Senator B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, on their timeline for state budget hearings. Next, Laura Myers reports on the gambling bills deferred by the Senate Judiciary C Committee. Her report includes testimony by: New Orleans Mayor Sidney Barthelemy; State Senator Ben Bagert; State Senator Elwyn Nicholson; Ken Ward of the Louisiana Moral and Civic Foundation; Pres Kabacoff of the Riverside Hilton; State Senator Tom Casey; and Gordon Flory of the Louisiana AFL-CIO. She also interviews Ed Steimel, the president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI). Johnson then reports on the Economic Summit at the Legislature, including highlights of the speech given by Keith Lanneau of Helix International. Next, Johnson conducts an in-studio interview with C.B. Forgotston, an industry lobbyist. He discusses his concerns about a bill limiting the amount of losses that can be written off by large corporations and a bill moving up the timeline for businesses to pay their taxes. Lastly, Myers reports on the House Civil Law Committee approving a bill limiting liability for bar owners. Her report includes interviews with Jim Funk of the Louisiana Restaurant Association and State Representative Jock Scott.