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Legislative Report - June 12, 1986

Louisiana: The State We're In



Genre: Newsmagazine

Place Covered: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1986-06-12

Duration: 00:26:34

Subjects: Louisiana. Legislature | Politics | Government | Louisiana Legislative Session, 1986 | STATE BUDGET | Education | Fisheries | Lotteries | Gambling


  • Myers, Laura Host
  • Nachman, Karen Host
  • Rayburn, B.B. "Sixty" Interviewee
  • Kelly, Don Interviewee
  • Newman, Cliff Interviewee
  • Leach, Buddy Interviewee
  • O'Neal, B.F. Speaker
  • Scott, Jock Interviewee
  • Skelton, Fred Interviewee
  • Moser, Hal Interviewee
  • Arceneaux, Cornel Interviewee
  • Brinkhaus, Armand Interviewee
  • Odom, Bob Interviewee
  • McKeithen, Fox Interviewee
  • Nunez, Sammy Speaker
  • Jackson, Alphonse Speaker
  • Ward, Ken Speaker
  • Ward, Ken Interviewee
  • Dastugue, Quentin Interviewee
  • Edwards, Edwin Interviewee
  • Kelly, Don Speaker
  • Picard, Cecil Speaker
  • Cross, Mike Speaker


This episode of the series “Louisiana: The State We’re In” from June 12, 1986, features Laura Myers and Karen Nachman hosting a daily legislative report on the 1986 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. They first report on the day’s headlines. These stories include: interviews with State Senators B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn, Don Kelly, and Cliff Newman on the ongoing state budget debate in the Senate; an interview with State Representative Buddy Leach on the possible budget action in the House; State Representative B.F. O’Neal testifying on his bill requiring students to pass a standardized test before receiving their high school diploma; an interview with State Representative Jock Scott on his bill limiting a teacher’s salary advancement if they receive an unfavorable evaluation; and an interview with Fred Skelton of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers on their concerns about the proposed cuts to K-12 education. Next, Nachman reports on the House Natural Resources Committee hearing a package of bills aimed at protecting the state’s redfish population. Her report includes interviews with Hal Moser of the Seafood Coalition and Cornel Arceneaux, the president of GCCA. Myers and Nachman then continue reporting on the day’s headlines. These stories include: an interview with State Senator Armand Brinkhaus on the approval of his bills limiting state support for bus transportation to college students and vo-tech facilities; an interview with State Representative Charles Dewitt on his resolution rescinding executive budget officer Ralph Perlman’s $8,000 pay raise; an interview with Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Odom on a bill including seafood products in the definition of agricultural products; an interview with State Representative Fox McKeithen on his bill increasing the penalties for pollution; the House Criminal Justice Committee approving maximum penalties for cocaine possession; and Senate President Sammy Nunez testifying on his bill naming the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena after the late State Senator Nat Kiefer. Next, Nachman reports on the House Criminal Justice Committee voting against a bill creating a statewide lottery. Her report includes highlights of the testimony by State Representative Alphonse Jackson and Ken Ward of the Louisiana Moral and Civic Foundation. Myers then conducts an in-studio interview with Ken Ward and State Representative Quentin Dastugue. They discuss their view on the statewide lottery. Lastly, Myers presents an interview with Governor Edwin Edwards on the possibility of state employee lay-offs, as well as the highlights of State Senators Don Kelly, Cecil Picard, and Mike Cross debating the state budget on the Senate floor.