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Legislative Report - June 20, 1986

Louisiana: The State We're In



Genre: Newsmagazine

Place Covered: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1986-06-20

Duration: 00:25:58

Subjects: Politics | Government | STATE BUDGET | Louisiana. Legislature | Louisiana Legislative Session, 1986


  • Myers, Laura Host
  • Nachman, Karen Host
  • Alario, John Interviewee
  • Adley, Robert Interviewee
  • Crosby, Archie Interviewee
  • Ullo, Chris Interviewee
  • Hainkel, John Interviewee
  • Clausen, Tom Interviewee
  • Thompson, Mike Interviewee
  • Leach, Buddy Interviewee
  • Ater, Al Speaker
  • Singleton, James Speaker
  • Carter, Wilford Speaker
  • Sweeny, Woody Speaker
  • Kember, Harry "Soup" Interviewee
  • Diez, Juba Interviewee
  • Lunceford, Lloyd Speaker
  • Mapes, Bud Interviewee
  • Bruneau, Peppi Interviewee
  • Jackson, Alphonse Speaker
  • Borne, Leon Speaker
  • Deano, Eddie Speaker


This episode of the series “Louisiana: The State We’re In” from June 20, 1986, features Laura Myers and Karen Nachman hosting a daily legislative report on the 1986 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. They first report on the day’s headlines. These stories include: interviews with Speaker of the House John Alario and State Representatives Robert Adley, Archie Crosby, Chris Ullo, and John Hainkel on the next steps for the state budget; an interview with Superintendent of Education Tom Clausen on an ongoing federal audit of the Louisiana Department of Education; an interview with State Representative Mike Thompson on his bill allowing university faculty or staff members to profit from patents, copyrights, or royalties; an interview with State Representative Buddy Leach, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, on his view that the committee will approve some revenue raising measures; State Representative Al Ater and Woody Sweeney of the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Resources testifying on a bill allowing indigent patients access to private hospitals if they live more than 45 miles away from a Charity Hospital; State Representatives James Singleton and Wilford Carter questioning Ater on the bill; an interview with State Representative Soup Kember on his resolution asking the United States Army Corps of Engineers to divert water from the Mississippi River to the Atchafalaya Basin in order to preserve aquaculture harvesting; an interview with State Representative Juba Diez on the voting machine not counting his vote on the bill raising the minimum drinking age to 21; and attorney Lloyd Lunceford testifying on a bill protecting psychologists from liability. Next, Myers conducts an in-studio interview with lobbyist Bud Mapes and State Representative Peppi Bruneau, who discuss the growing legislative independence. Lastly, Myers and Nachman continue reporting on the day’s headlines. These stories include: State Representatives Alphonse Jackson and Leon Borne debating a bill requiring colleges and universities to establish admissions standards; State Representative Eddie Deano presenting his resolution designating the beignet as the state doughnut; and the closure of five savings and loans institutions in Louisiana.