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Uncle Sam Wants You

WBRZ-TV Channel 2 Baton Rouge Collection



Genre: Documentary, Special

Place Covered: Louisiana General, Capital Region, Louisiana, Miami, Florida, Managua, Nicaragua, Columbia, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Capital Region, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Department of State

Date Issued: 1984-11

Duration: 00:53:19

Subjects: Seal, Barry, 1939-1986 | CAMP, JOHN | WEBB, KENNETH | BOREN, JAMES | Brown, Ossie B., 1926-2008 | FORMAN, DANIEL | GARROWAY, BERT | FUGLER, ROY | LEMANN, ARTHUR | Digiullo, John | Polozola, Frank J., 1942-2013 | Ochoa Vásquez, Fabio, 1957- | Ochoa Vásquez, Jorge Luis, 1950- | Escobar, Pablo, 1949-1993 | Marcello, Carlos, 1910-1993 | Partin, Edward Grady, Sr., 1924-1990 | Vaughan, Frederico | Roemer, Charles E. II., 1923-2012 | Bardwell, Stanford | Marcus, Stanley | MYERS, BRAD | Winters, Al | Hauser, Joseph P. | Brilab scandal | Camp, Emile, 1945-1985 | Everson, Peter | Milan, Butch | Crittenden, Jack | Gallinghouse, Gerald J., 1920-2007 | DeLorean, John, 1925-2005 | Operation Screamer | Drug smuggling | Drug traffic | Nicaragua | Columbia


  • Camp, John Writer
  • Camp, John Producer
  • Hanscom, Charlie Director
  • Jackson, Sailor Photographer
  • Jackson, Sailor Editor
  • Adkins, Vernon Theme Music
  • Whiteside, Peter Graphics
  • Courtney, Bob Producer
  • Camp, James Interviewer
  • Seal, Barry, 1939-1986 Interviewee
  • Webb, Kenneth Interviewee
  • Boren, James Interviewee
  • Forman, Daniel Interviewee
  • Garroway, Bert Interviewee
  • Fugler, Roy Interviewee
  • Lemann, Arthur Interviewee
  • Digiullio, John Interviewee
  • Armani, Frank Interviewee


Uncle Sam Wants You, a presentation of Eyewitness News Close-Up Unit with John Camp, documents the investigation of Barry Seal as a target of the US government. The program explores Seal's claim that he is the victim of an intensive and unfair investigation in Baton Rouge to prove that he is a drug smuggler. Interviews include Barry Seal, Kenneth Webb, James Boren, Daniel Forman, Bert Garroway, Roy Fugler, Arthur Lemann, John Diguillio, and Frank Armani. Topics and footage include: Pablo Escobar and Frederico Vaughan in Managua, Nicaragua; Emile Camp, Seal’s co-pilot and Peter Everson, Seal's mechanic; Fabio Ochoa, Operation Screamer; Ossie Brown; Lt. Butch Milan and Sgt. Jack Crittenden of the Louisiana State Police; Stanley Bardwell, US Attorney; Gerald Gallinghouse, US Attorney; Stanley Marcus, US Attorney in Miami; Brad Myers, Bardwell's assistant; Al Winters, chief of the federal strike force in New Orleans; Judge Frank Polozola; John DeLorean case; Carlos Marcello; the Brilab sting case; Edward Grady Partin and the Teamsters; Jorge Ochoa; Homestead Air Force Base; Joseph Hauser; and Charles Roemer.