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Murder of a Witness

WBRZ-TV Channel 2 Baton Rouge Collection



Place Covered: Louisiana General, Capital Region, Louisiana, Miami, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Managua, Nicaragua, Columbia

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Department of State

Date Issued: 1986

Duration: 00:57:54

Subjects: CAMP, JOHN | Murder of a Witness | Seal, Barry, 1939-1986 | Campbell, Donald | WEBB, KENNETH | Seal, Deborah | BOREN, JAMES | Unglesby, Louis | Sclafani, Thomas | Ochoa Vásquez, Fabio, 1957- | Ochoa Vásquez, Jorge Luis, 1950- | Camp, Emile | Everson, Peter | Vaughan, Frederico | Sandinista National Liberation Front | Reagan, Ronald Wilson, 1911- 2004 | Escobar, Pablo, 1949-1993 | Homestead Air Reserve Base (Homestead, Fl) | Turks and Caicos Islands | Gallinghouse, Gerald J., 1920-2007 | Miller, Randall | Operation Screamer | Bardwell, Stanford | Nicaragua | Columbia | Roettger, Norman Charles Jr., 1930-2003 | Joura, Robert | Polozola, Frank J., 1942-2013 | Guste, William J., 1922-2013 | Meese, Edwin, 1931- | Drug traffic | Drug smuggling | President's Commission on Organized Crime


  • Camp, John Writer
  • Camp, John Producer
  • Haley, Mike Director
  • Herrod, Doug Editor
  • Jackson, Sailor Photographer
  • Herrod, Doug Photographer
  • Blackwell, Jeff Theme Music
  • Courtney, Bob Producer
  • Seal, Barry, 1939-1986 Interviewee
  • Webb, Kenneth Interviewee
  • Seal, Deborah Interviewee
  • Boren, James Interviewee
  • Unglesby, Louis Interviewee
  • Sclafani, Thomas Interviewee
  • Camp, John Interviewer
  • Cambell, Donald Interviewee


Murder of a Witness- The Barry Seal Murder, a Special Projects unit of Eyewitness News, is a documentary narrated by John Camp that takes an investigative look into why Barry Seal was murdered. The documentary points out some the deficiencies by law enforcement in keeping Seal alive. Interviews include: Barry Seal; Donald Campbell, former federal prosecutor; Kenneth Webb, Seal’s longtime friend and informant; Deborah Seal, Barry Seal’s widow; James Boren, Baton Rouge attorney; Louis Unglesby, attorney who represented Seal in the Louisiana case; and Thomas Sclafani, Seal’s south Florida lawyer; Topics and footage include: Barry Seal's murder scene; Jorge Ochoa and Ochoa family; Barry Seal, Emile Camp, and Peter Everson; Frederico Vaughan; the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua; Ronald Reagan press conference on the Sandinista; Pablo Escobar; Homestead Air Force Base; Turks and Caicos Islands sting of 3 top officials in drug smuggling; Las Vegas sting; Seal testifying before the President's Commission on Organized Crime; US Attorney Gerald Gallinghouse press conference on Seal’s participation in a plot to overthrow Cuba; assistant US Attorney Randall Miller; Operation Screamer; US Attorney Stanford Bardwell; Bardwell’s news conference to announce Barry Seal’s indictment; Nicaraguan sting operation; Federal District Court Judge Norman Roettger in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; DEA official Robert Joura; Donald Campbell, federal attorney in Las Vegas case; Judge Frank Polozola; Bardwell’s new conference to deny authorities were negligent; Seal’s funeral; LA Attorney General William Guste; and US Attorney General Edwin Meese.