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New Orleans We Love You

WWL-TV Special Projects Collection



Genre: Special, Documentary

Place Covered: New Orleans Region, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Department of State

Date Issued: 1974

Duration: 00:26:07

Subjects: City Park (New Orleans, La.) | Lakefront (New Orleans, La.) | Audubon Park (New Orleans, La.) | FRENCH QUARTER | Royal Street (New Orleans, La.) | COFFEE | MARDI GRAS | Rex | Superdome (New Orleans, La.) | New Orleans Theater of the Performing Arts | OLYMPIA BRASS BAND | JAZZ | Jazz funeral | Second line | Le Booze Bar (New Orleans, La.) | Steve Valenti's Paddock Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Gunga Den (New Orleans, La.) | Tony's Silver Dollar Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Old Absinthe House Bar (New Orleans, La.) | Bambino (New Orleans, La.) | Hyp Guinle's Famous Door (New Orleans, La.) | Cissy's Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Fitzgerald's (New Orleans, La) | Bruning's (New Orleans, La) | Rosselli's Restaurant (New Orleans, La) | The Bounty (New Orleans, La) | Acme Oyster House (New Orleans, La.) | Po-boys | Home Plate Inn (New Orleans, La.) | Lehrmann, Matthew Sr., 1907-1985 | Marti's (New Orleans, La.) | Camellia Grill (New Orleans, La.) | Mother's (New Orleans, La.) | Rocky & Carlo's (Chalmette, La.) | Chez Helene (New Orleans, La.) | Maylie's Restaurant (New Orleans, La.) | Clarence & Lefty's (New Orleans, La.) | Berdou's (New Orleans, La.) | Brennan's (New Orleans, La.) | Moran's La Louisiane Restaurant (New Orleans, La.) | Turci's Restaurant (New Orleans, La.) | Galatoire's (New Orleans, La.) | Kolb's (New Orleans, La.) | Masson's (New Orleans, La.) | Leruth, Warren F., 1929-2001 | LeRuth's (New Orleans, La.) | Antoine's (New Orleans, La.) | Lake Pontchartrain (La.) | Carrollton (New Orleans, La.) | Shotgun houses | 9th Ward (New Orleans, La.) | 3rd Ward (New Orleans, La.) | Rib Room (New Orleans, La.) | Tujague's (New Orleans, La.) | Guste, Roy Jr., 1951- | Johnson, Phil, 1929-2010 | Garden District (New Orleans, La.) | Tom's Bar & Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Silver Slipper Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Golden Dragon Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Winner's Circle Lounge (New Orleans, La.) | Harry's Pirate Den (New Orleans, La.) | Swanson's Oyster Bar (New Orleans, La) | Jaeger's Seafood Tavern (New Orleans, La) | OYSTERS | Seafood | Dooky Chase's Restaurant


  • Johnson, Phil Narrator
  • Johnson, Phil Writer
  • Tolhurst, Jim Director
  • Tolhurst, Jim Editor
  • Lawton, Bob Theme Music


New Orleans We Love You, a WWL-TV Special Project narrated by Phil Johnson, explores our love affair with everything New Orleans. The first reason given for loving New Orleans is that is tastes good. Creole cooking is featured, including scenes of Antoine's restaurant, run by Roy Guste Jr., and LeRuth's restaurant, owned by Warren Leruth. Signs of several other restaurants are shown, including: Brennan's, Masson's, Moran's, Turci's, Dooky Chase's, Galatoire's, The Rib Room, Tujague's, and Kolb's. The popularity of the po-boy is then explored with Home Plate Inn, owned by Matt Lehrmann, featured. Other signs of po-boy restaurants are shown, including: Marti's, Camellia Grill, Mother's, Rocky & Carlo's, Chez Helene, Maylie's, Clarence & Lefty's, Berdou's, and Acme Oyster House. The popularity of oysters in New Orleans, with scenes in the New Orleans Oyster Bar, is then featured. Signs of several other restaurants are then shown, including: Fitzgerald's, Bruning's, Rosselli's, The Bounty, and Swanson's. The popularity of eating boiled seafood, including scenes in Jaeger’s Seafood Tavern, is then shown. New Orleans as a drinking town is then given as a reason for people loving the city. Signs of several bars are then shown, including: Le Booze Bar, Steve Valenti’s Paddock Lounge, Gunga Den, The Old Absinthe House Bar, Tony’s Silver Dollar Lounge, Bambino, “Hyp” Guinle’s Famous Door, Cissy’s Lounge, Tom’s Bar & Lounge, Silver Slipper Lounge, Golden Dragon Lounge, The Winner’s Circle Lounge, and Harry’s Pirate Den. The second reason given for loving New Orleans is that is sounds good. Scenes of the Theater for the Performing Arts and the Olympia Brass Band marching through the French Quarter are shown, including the Second Line at a jazz funeral. The third reason given for loving New Orleans is that it looks good. Scenes of the Garden District, Carrollton, shotgun houses in the 3rd Ward, the 9th Ward, The Lakefront, boats on Lake Pontchartrain, Audubon Park, City Park, The French Quarter, Royal Street, and patios in the Quarter are shown. The popularity of coffee and Mardi Gras are also explored. Scenes of the Rex Parade are shown. The documentary ends with footage of the construction of the Superdome.