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Jim Garrison Interview

WWL-TV Collection



Genre: News

Place Covered: Louisiana General, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Department of State

Date Issued: 1967

Duration: 00:07:07

Subjects: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) | WARREN COMMISSION | Oswald, Lee Harvey, 1939- 1963 | Cuba | Helms, Richard McGarrah, 1913- 2002 | Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) | Lane, Mark, 1927- | Garrison, Earling Carothers "Jim," 1921- 1992 | Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 | Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 -- Assassination | Shaw, Clay LaVerne, 1913- 1974 | Assassination of John F. Kennedy | NEWSWEEK | SODIUM PENTOTHAL


  • Garrison, Jim Interviewee


Press interview with Jim Garrison regarding the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. He discusses: the lack of cooperation between his office and the federal government; the Newsweek article about witness coercion; if he thinks his investigation is being hurt by the lack of cooperation with the federal government; witnesses taking sodium pentothal or being put under hypnosis; if the CIA was directly involved in the assassination; will the FBI answer charges about a photographed faked by the CIA in the Warren Commission; does he know who was responsible for the assassination; whether there is currently enough evidence to go to trial; does he know who the unidentified man is in the Warren Commission photograph; the identity of Oswald's companion at the Cuban Embassy; plans to subpoena any member of the CIA; would it be advantageous to hear from Richard Helms; is it legally possible to get agents to Louisiana; if he could do it over again would he still launch an investigation; whether he gave documented evidence to two reporters; if he gave anything to Mark Lane; do he feel that he is violating court guidelines by commenting on the case; does he believe that an investigation from Congress will come from his case; and his treatment by the media.