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Carbon: Element of Surprise




Genre: Educational

Place Covered: St. Louis, Missouri, Gloucester Point, Virginia

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2003-09-24

Duration: 00:18:55

Subjects: Educational films | Science | Environment | Carbon


  • Grandy, Greg Host
  • LaBauve, Randy Producer
  • McCallie, Ellen Interviewee
  • Stinkholm, Bruce Interviewee
  • Canuel, Elizabeth Interviewee
  • Bauer, Jim Interviewee


In this episode of the series “Enviro-Tacklebox” from September 24, 2003, host Greg Grandy and the student reporters explore the carbon cycle. They cover: photosynthesis; slow track and fast track carbon recycling; carbon sinks; organic and inorganic carbon; carbon dioxide and its connection to global warming; and the spheres where carbon is found. It includes interviews with: Ellen McCallie, a biologist at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis; Bruce Stinkholm, a geologist at St. Louis Community College; Elizabeth Canuel, a chemical oceanographer at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS); and Jim Bauer, an oceanographer at VIMS.